The Burn at the side of my son's house at Windwick.

At the end of last month, I found a plant that was new to me, it was on the banks of the burn-in the damp vegetation,  it had reddish stems and flower buds, the front of the leaves were green and the whole plant was covered in white Downey hairs, the flower heads were drooping and although the buds were partially open they were showing orange-pink flowers, a short search on google gave me the answer, water avens, (Geum rivale).

water avens, (Geum rivale)

One week later and I visited the site again to obtain more pictures, the problem with this is the plant loves to grow on the boggy ground and the flower heads droop down, making it necessary to lay flat on the ground and point the camera up to frame the image, success does not come easily ,

water avens, (Geum rivale)

Well worth getting wet.

Water Avens

Water avens is a locally common plant that inhabits damp places, such as riversides, wet woodlands and damp meadows. A close relative of Wood avens, it's nodding, bell-shaped flowers are multi-coloured, They appear from May to September and are followed by feathery seed heads. The cup-shaped flowers have dark red sepals that surround orangey-pink petals and a cluster of yellow stamens; they hang delicately on long, purple stems. The round leaves are usually found at the base of the stem. Mainly found in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Locally common in parts of England.